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Napa Valley Tours
by the Wine Country Tour Shuttle

Napa Wine Tours by the Wine Country Tour Shuttle make all of the difference. From San Francisco, we take you on a Napa Wine journey that goes across the Golden Gate Bridge into Napa Valley while our Napa Valley Tour Guides give you a historical narrative on Wine and the California Wine Country.

From there we stop in Napa Valley at Andretti Winery, owned by racing superstar Mario Andretti. The winery is surrounded by vineyards and you are welcome to stroll out into the vines to take pictures or even taste a grape! Our next stop is a fun filled picnic lunch at V.Sattui winery. At V.Sattui you will have your choice to eat of a wide arrage of options. At V.Sattui winery in Napa Valley, you will be able to taste their wine for only a $5 fee.

Our next stops are Whitehall Lane Winery and Franciscan Winery. Both are well known for their excellent wines, scenic locations, and beautiful architecture. Both wineries include tours of their facilities.

But it's not over. From our last Napa Valley winery stop, we will then make our way to Vallejo and take a 50-minute relaxing Ferry Cruise across the Bay (right by Alcatraz Island) back to San Francisco. The benefits of the Ferry Cruise are obvious, but the one you might not realize is avoiding going home traffic - which can be pretty heavy during the Summer. This tour is strategic in its winery and transportation choices - we think you will more than enjoy it!

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Napa Valley Tours
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Napa Valley encompasses 8,600 acres of territory in which about 2,000 are planted to vines that are situated between 400 and 2,600 feet elevation about the Napa Valley tours floor. On the Napa Valley tours you would taste premier Cabernet Sauvignons, Cabernet Francs, and Pinot Noirs with reserve brut from the well known wineries in Napa Valley.

More travelers makes a best trek, and wines made there normally has the most well-known "Napa Valley" designation on their labels, hence the region is as well relatively known. Discover the Napa Valley Tour, the most renowned wine making region on the entire continent. The mix of red and white wines as well as a unique combination of sparkling wineries will provide you the most memorable experience at Napa Tour.

Napa Valley is an optimal county suited to produce world quality wine grapes. As you travel through wine country tours, it also comprises of picnic lunch, four winery stops, ride over the Golden Gate Bridges, incredible views and many more that have earned this Napa tour area its reputation as one of the premier travel destination of the world. Where you travel in this scenic area, you are almost always in the view of a vine-covered mountain or a valley, and in fact no matter the time of year, you're here in for a treat for all the senses.

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